Little Steps. Big Strides.

Netivot Academy's therapeutic preschool. Where therapy and learning go hand in hand.
We bring your child's therapy team directly into the classroom, creating a collaborative dynamic designed to bring out your child's best.
Nurturing environment
Your child is greeted daily by warm, smiling faces. Our professional staff genuinely love their work, and their students.
Jewish day,
Jewish year
Jewish experience is central to your child's learning each day — davening, Shabbos parties, Jewish calendar-themed units, and more.
Experiential learning
The day is filled with music, creative play, and sensory exploration. Children learn and growwhile having tons of fun!
Netivot benefits from full access to the facilities, resources, and integration opportunities available at the Bernard Horwich JCC.

Their head start starts here

Every parent wants to give their child the world from day one. For parents of children with special needs, early intervention has an added layer of significance. At Netivot Academy's therapeutic preschool, we'll welcome your child into our warm and loving care, nurturing their early development and giving them the flying start they deserve.

Maximizing your child’s school day

The uniqueness and strength of our preschool is the integration of the therapeutic experience within the school setting. Teachers and therapists co-teach in a highly collaborative and dynamic fashion, infusing the strengths of each specialty throughout the day.
Creative play
Sensory exploration
Artistic expression
Our collaborative model promotes maximal development:
... All while maintaining the "feel" and flavor of a loving preschool class.

All the support your child needs — under one roof

Social Skills
Functional Life Skills
Speech Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Social Work
Physical Therapy
Parent Support
Behavioral Supports
Progress Monitoring
Evidence-Based Treatment
Speech Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Social Work
Physical Therapy
Social Skills
Functional Life Skills
Parent Support
Behavioral Supports
Progress Monitoring
Evidence-Based Treatment
A message from our director

"For our staff, special education is not just a career; it's a calling."

Shira Wiesenberg
Netivot Educational Director

Staying on the same page

Our teachers and therapists work with you, the parents, to understand your child's needs, establish goals, and create a custom learning plan. We communicate regularly, making sure we both have our finger on the pulse of your child's development and needs. We may have the professional expertise, but you are the expert on your child!

It's not about the program.
It's about the child.

Your child is multi-faceted
We craft a learning experience designed to nurture your child in mind, body, and soul.
Your child is unique
Each child has individual needs and goals. There's no such thing as one-size-fits-all.
Your child is a privilege
For us, that is. Thank you for letting us be part of their journey.

How can we help your child thrive?

We welcome all inquiries!

Sarah Chapman

Speech and Language Pathologist

Sarah received her Masters in Speech and Language Pathology from Touro and has been providing school-based services for a wide variety of students ever since. Sarah enjoys connecting with students of all ages, communication abilities, and personalities. She has a particular passion for collaborating with teachers and parents to devise and fine-tune plans to best meet each student's unique needs. She is thrilled to be part of the Netivot team where students learn and grow in a nurturing and loving therapeutic environment.

Brittany Prero

Physical Therapist

Brittany Prero has worked as a pediatric physical therapist since2015. Brittany attended Northwestern University Physical Therapy and Human Movement Sciences program, earning a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. She has a wide range of experience with a variety of diagnoses within the pediatric population, including – cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, Down’s syndrome, muscular dystrophy, osteogenesis imperfecta, developmental delay, and other orthopedic involvements. Brittany has worked in various environments including rehabilitation hospital, schools, home and clinic settings. Brittany believes in patient/client centered care with an emphasis on the whole team approach to assist her clients to reach their utmost potential and achieve their goals.

Cassidy Reves-Sohn

Play Therapist

Cassidy is a licensed clinical social worker with a focus in play therapy and neurodiversity. Prior to working at Netivot, she served as a school social worker at the JCFS Knapp Therapeutic School and in the Chicago Public Schools. Cassidy approaches her work from developmental and relationship frameworks with a strong belief in her students’ ability to learn and grow. She is passionate about disability justice and making the world more accessible for all bodies and minds and values the opportunity to work with families in a holistic manner and support the child within the context of their family system. Cassidy earned her social work degree from the University of Chicago and loves all things art, music, and nature.

Aliza Schiff

Occupational Therapist, Aqua Therapist

Aliza comes to Netivot with well-rounded experience, having worked in both general and special education settings, across a variety of ages and diagnoses. Prior to moving to Chicago, she served as an Occupational Therapist at the SCHI School in Lakewood, NJ, gaining a unique experience working with children with special needs in a loving and collaborative environment. Aliza considers it is a privilege to work with children in need of her support and, particularly, to help lay the foundations for their lifelong growth.

Shira Wiesenberg

Educational Director

Shira Wiesenberg has worked with individuals with special needs and their families for over 25 years. She brings a wealth of experience as a supervisor of special ed schools, day- and vocational programs, camps, and group homes, serving children and adults across a wide spectrum of needs, ages, and abilities. Prior to moving to Chicago, she served as Director at SINAI Schools in New Jersey, implementing innovative methodology and curricula for students with Developmental Disabilities. Mrs. Wiesenberg holds a degree in social work from Columbia University.

Dana Danishevsky

Clinical Director

Dana Danishefsky is a trained Speech-Language Pathologist with over 10 years of experience working with children with a range of developmental and language needs. Having worked in countless classrooms in both private and public school settings, she is passionate about utilizing a collaborative team approach to meet every student’s individual needs. Dana is looking forward to working with Netivot students and their families to secure a meaningful and successful path of learning for every child. She holds a masters in Speech-Language Pathology from Touro College.