You have dreams for your child.
So do we.

Netivot Academy is an innovative special education school for students with developmental disabilities from across the Chicagoland area. We nurture each child's unique spark within a warm and caring Jewish environment.
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Our only agenda is
your child's success

A typical day at Netivot is a rich, and enriching, experience

Warm Jewish environment
Students experience Judaism in a meaningful, relevant, and joyful way.
School-home collaboration
We're your partners in helping your child thrive, in the classroom and out.
Skills-based approach
Your child will learn overarching skills they will use to navigate day-to-day life.
Interest-led learning
We follow your child's curiosity and craft lessons around their interests.
Experiential education
Our students learn by observing, touching, and doing.
Inclusion opportunities
Studens have tailored inclusion opportunities from daily minyan and recess to special programs and activities.

Supporting your child on their unique educational path

From preschool through 12th grade

Preschool Age

A therapeutic preschool designed to give your young child a bright start
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School Age

An educational framework to meet your child's scholastic and therapeutic needs
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When there's a will we'll find the way

We're here to help your child blossom — and we won't let bureaucracy stand in our way. We're determined to provide your child with tools so they can access their full potential.

Personalized, professional care

The highest standards of professionalism inform every decision we make at Netivot. Your child receives loving care within a framework built on evidence, experience, and expertise.
Accredited staff
Experienced clinicians
Evidence-based treatment
Ongoing professional development

"It's about the child"

Netivot goes out of their way to make it work with a child. It's not about the program. It's about the child. And to me that speaks volumes. This is a journey that they're on with us, together. I'm not on my own. And I'm thanking God every single day.
Alexa, Netivot parent

"I have a team"

Even though my son has special needs, he's like any other one of my children, and I want to give him the best religious education that I can. If I hadn't found Netivot, I would probably have had to move. Now I have a team. I love that I can get on the phone with them to discuss things and strategize. I don't know how I would be functioning without them!
Mimi, Netivot parent

"A curriculum based on students' strengths, abilities, and interests"

When they handed out the students' daily schedules at the beginning of the year, and each one looked different, it was mind-boggling. They accept each child where they’re at and identify the ways each learns best. They create a curriculum based on students' individual strengths, abilities, and interests, so each child can work towards reaching their potential.
Aviva, Netivot parent

Privileged to be there for

kids with:

Developmental Disabilities
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Cognitive Delays
Language Processing Disorder
Traumatic Brain Injury
Genetic Disorders
Social Skills Deficits

parents who:

Have a strong Jewish identity, whether religious, secular, or anywhere in between
Value high-level education and want to nurture their child's natural love of learning
Seek a skilled team of caring therapists and educators devoted to their child's success
Want to partner in their child's educational journey
Deeply believe in their child’s potential
A message from our founder

“Our credo is 'see a need, fill a need.' Celebrating children with special needs and making them an integral part of Jewish communal life — that's what makes us tick.”

Chasi Davis
Netivot Co-Founder

A glimpse into an average week at Netivot Academy

The Arts
Personal expression through fine arts
Physical Education
Yoga to improve body-mind awareness
Life Skills
Sorting and shelving library books
Life Skills
The Arts
Skill-based Instructions
Explorational Play

You shouldn't have to compromise

Ensure robust therapeutic support for your child

within a strong Jewish framework.

Live in the city you call home

with full confidence in your child's care.

Send your child off happily each morning

with a bounce in your step, too.

Let's talk about how we can help your child thrive.