Every Jewish child with special needs deserves


in a climate of dignity and joy.
Our Mission

Professionalism with passion

We're on a mission to empower students with special needs and help them achieve their potential. We nurture each child's success in a loving environment with professional clinical staff and passionate educators who make the classroom come alive.

Our children feel cherished. And they are!
Our Name

One size fits one

The word Netivot (נְתִיבוֹת) — "pathways" in Hebrew — embodies our belief that when it comes to special education, there is no such thing as one size fits all. No two students are identical. And at Netivot, neither are their educational paths.

"Our approach? When we're faced with an issue, it's our job to figure it out. Whatever our kids need — we do whatever we possibly can to make it work."

Shira Wiesenberg
Netivot Educational Director
Our Approach

A foundation for lifelong success

Our practices are rooted in compassion, informed by research, and designed to maximize your child's gains.
Our educators work closely with our therapeutic team to maximize impact on your child's overall development.
We take a holistic, skills-oriented approach focusing on the domains most critical to your child's success.
We build relationships that help unlock latent potential and bring out the best in our students.
Joyfully Jewish
We provide a warm, loving environment where Judaism is learned, lived, and experienced.
We create a highly personalized schedule and learning plan for each and every student.
Housed in the Bernard Horwich JCC, opportunities for inclusion abound!

Meet the Netivot Family

Each member of our team brings a unique contribution to the school and enhances your child's experience.

Shira Wiesenberg


Dana Danishefsky

Clinical Director

Chasi Davis


Frayda Cohen


Sarah Chapman, SLP-CCC

Speech and Language Pathologist

Brooke Dordek, M.Ed, LBS1


Miriam Marmel, SLP-CCC

Speech and Language Pathologist

Michal Mellman, MS, LBS1


Zachary Messer, LBS1


Nicole O’Toole, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist

Brittany Prero, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist, Aqua Therapist

Cassidy Reves-Sohn, LCSW

Social Worker, Floortime Therapist

Esti Rosenfeld, MS, LBS1


Aliza Schiff, OTR/L

Occupational & Aqua Therapist

Mariamme Well, MS


Riley, CGC, THD

Therapy Dog

What Netivot Parents Say

The Arts
Personal expression through fine arts
Physical Education
Yoga to improve body-mind awareness
Life Skills
Sorting and shelving library books

"We feel like we've struck gold."

"They celebrate each of their children. Period"

"A culture of respect and support"

"I never met people like this before."

"Nothing is a problem. They're so cool about everything."

"Netivot has made my life so...wow. I don't even know the words to say"

"We feel like we're part of a village that makes it work. And that's priceless"

- Colin, A Netivot parent

How can we help your child thrive?

We welcome all inquiries!

Shira Wiesenberg

Educational Director

Shira Wiesenberg has worked with individuals with special needs and their families for over 25 years. She brings a wealth of experience as a supervisor of special ed schools, day- and vocational programs, camps, and group homes, serving children and adults across a wide spectrum of needs, ages, and abilities. Prior to moving to Chicago, she served as Director at SINAI Schools in New Jersey, implementing innovative methodology and curricula for students with Developmental Disabilities. Mrs. Wiesenberg holds a degree in social work from Columbia University.

Dana Danishevsky

Clinical Director

Dana Danishefsky is a trained Speech-Language Pathologist with over 10 years of experience working with children with a range of developmental and language needs. Having worked in countless classrooms in both private and public school settings, she is passionate about utilizing a collaborative team approach to meet every student’s individual needs. Dana is looking forward to working with Netivot students and their families to secure a meaningful and successful path of learning for every child. She holds a masters in Speech-Language Pathology from Touro College.

Frayda Cohen


Frayda is the tireless force who has been working behind the scenes to get Netivot off the ground. She has been working in the field for 10 years doing everything from teaching general education and special education to therapeutically supporting students with behavioral and emotional challenges. She loves kids and has a knack for entering their world and understanding them. She holds a Masters in Special Education with LBS1 licensing, and is currently pursuing a PhD in School Psychology at Loyola University.

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